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GlobalAmerican Urban Politics in a Global AgeThe Reader5th EditionPaul Kantor, Dennis JuddApr 2007, Paperback, 416 pagesIn this thoroughly revised reader, two leading scholars bring together a collection of readings that highlight the most important trends in urban scholarship today. The engaging selections incorporated into American Urban Politics in the Global Era are arranged and presented within a clear thematic structure and with commentaries by the editors.In addition to the political economy perspective emphasized in previous editions of the reader, this new edition highlights the impact of globalization on urban politics and policy today. The historical and contemporary readings reveal how the interaction of local, national, and international forces is reshaping the political landscape of urban America.topContentsIntroductory Essay: Governing the Metropolis in the Global EraPART 1: GLOBALIZATION AND THE ECONOMIC IMPERATIVEChapter 1. The Politics of Urban DevelopmentEditors’ Essay. Entrepreneurial Cities1 Paul E. Peterson, The Imperative of Growth2 Clarence N. Stone, Urban Regimes3 Richard C. Wade, The Urban Frontier4 [NEW] Mark Alan Lowes, Indy Dreams and Urban NightmaresChapter 2. Cities in the International MarketplaceEditors’ Essay. The New Urban Economy5 [NEW] H.V. Savitch and Paul Kantor, The Great Transformation and Local Choices6 Richard Foglesong, When Disney Comes to Town7 Paul Kantor and H.V. Savitch, Can Politicians Bargain with Business?Chapter 3. The Political Economy of Urban CultureEditors’ Essay. Cultural Strategies of Urban Development8 [NEW] Richard Florida, The Power of Place: The Creative Class9 Elizabeth Strom, Culture, Art, and Downtown Development10 [NEW] Alison Isenberg, Downtown CulturePART 2: GOVERNING THE MULTI-ETHNIC METROPOLISChapter 4. The Cities: The Politics of Space, Race, and EthnicityEditors’ Essay. The Cities: Confrontation and Accommodation11 Thomas J. Sugrue, Racial Confrontation in Post-War Detroit12 Reuel Rogers, Minority Groups and Coalitional Politics13 Harvey K. Newman, Race and the Tourist BubbleChapter 5. The Suburbs: The Politics of Space, Race, and EthnicityEditors’ Essay. Immigration and Seclusion in the New Suburbia14 [NEW] Andrew Ross, Kinder, Gentler Government?15 Rosalyn Baxandall and Elizabeth Ewen, New Immigrants in Suburbia16 [NEW] Eric Avila, Fear and Fantasy in Suburban Los Angeles17 Dolores Hayden, Planning Suburban Development: The Rise of the MallChapter 6. The New Politics of SpaceEditors’ Essay. Fear and the Privatization of Urban Space18 Mike Davis, Fortress Los Angeles19 [NEW] Margaret Kohn, The Mauling of Public Space20 [NEW] Peter Marcuse, Life in the Cities After September 11, 200121 [NEW] Dennis R. Judd, Visitors and Spatial Ecology of the CityPART 3: GOVERNING THE FRACTURED METROPOLISChapter 7. Sprawl, Regionalism and the New UrbanismEditors’ Essay. Governing the Sprawled Metropolis22 Myron Orfield, Building Consensus23 [NEW] David Rusk, Growth Management: The Core Regional Issue24 Fred Siegel, Is Urban Sprawl a Problem?25 Dolores Hayden, The New UrbanismChapter 8. Federal-City Relations and the Capacity to GovernEditors’ Essay. City Politics in a Decentralized Federal System26 Peter Eisenger, City Politics in the Era of Devolution27 Pietro S. Nivola, Federal Prescriptions and City Problems28 [NEW] Stephen D. Stehr, The Political Economy of Disaster AssistancetopFeatures* Each chapter is introduced by an editor’s essay that places the readings into context and highlights their central ideas and findings.* Division into three historical periods emphasizes both the changes and continuities in American urban politics over time.* The reader is the perfect complement for Judd & Swanstrom’s City Politics: The Political Economy of Urban American, 6/e, also available in a new edition.From http://www.pearsoned.co.uk/Bookshop/detail.asp?item=100000000252386

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